Product Review: Bosch VitaFresh refrigerator (VIDEO)

| by Gary Wollenhaupt
Product Review: Bosch VitaFresh refrigerator (VIDEO)

The Good: Keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer
The Bad: Your refrigerator may be smarter than you.
The Bottom Line: The price is high, but keeping food fresh longer cuts waste.
MSRP: $2,999

Don’t you hate seeing a head of lettuce slowly shrivel up in the refrigerator vegetable drawer? You mean to use it before it goes bad, but sometimes the window between putting fresh produce in the drawer and having to throw it away is alarmingly short.

Bosch’s VitaFresh technology, available in its French door refrigerator, keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer and save cut energy use. Martin Knobloch, Bosch’s senior vice president, refrigeration, said that with the technology strawberries last up to five days and lettuce can stretch to 14 days.

“VitaFresh is like the fountain of youth for produce,” he said.

Here’s how it works

Bosch wrapped the VitaFresh drawers with a proprietary high-tech lining. Inside, sensors that are smarter than the average refrigerator light bulb automatically maintain the perfect balance of temperature, humidity and air circulation. There’s no need to try to guess whether you should make any adjustments on your own.

The system does it all for you. Knoblock said the technology also preserves vitamins and nutrients that would otherwise deteriorate, so food stays nutritious, too.

The sensors hold the temperature consistently at just above freezing, the ideal level for optimized freshness and longer storage results.

The directional airflow system provides indirect cooling over the VitaFresh drawers. This prevents dry, cold air from being blown directly against fruits and vegetables and significantly reduces the dry-out effect that shortens storage life.

Utilizing technology perfected by Bosch in Europe, the lining in the drawers regulates how much, or how little moisture is required for the type of produce stored in the drawers to keep produce fresher, longer.

The VitaFresh French Door model offers a family-sized 25.9 cubic foot storage capacity combined with gallon door bins, split and spill-proof shelving, oversized VitaFresh drawers and a full-width deli drawer.

The refrigerator is Energy Star rated, which is only to be expected as Bosch was named Energy Star Partner of the Year for Appliances for 2010. The Energy Star label means the  French Door refrigerator will use significantly less energy than a non-rated model.

Other energy-saving features include:

  • A door-open alarm that helps prevent energy waste by alerting users when the refrigerator door has been left open.
  • All-level LED lighting brightly illuminates every shelf and drawer inside the refrigerator and freezer, ensuring no food gets overlooked or forgotten. Energy-efficient LEDs use less power as you or the teenagers in your house decide what to eat.

Although the price tag might give you sticker shock, the VitaFresh French Door refrigerator can help make your diet more healthy and save money on food and energy costs.

For more information, see our Energy-efficient Appliances Research Center.


For more information, watch this video about the Bosch VitaFresh technology:

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