Product Review: Netatmo Urban Weather Station

| by Teena Hammond
Product Review: Netatmo Urban Weather Station

It's the ultimate geek gift. A weather station that monitors outdoor weather and indoor air quality using your iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. And in October, it will be available for Android devices.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Program combines an Urban Weather Station with iOS apps to become a worldwide network of in-home weather stations. It also includes sound pollution and CO2 value reporting. Sure, that data is more often measured in Europe and Asia, but it's something to be aware of in any area.

Inside the kit are mounting materials, international plug adapters (U.S., U.K. and Europe) and two metallic, plastic-tipped cylinders. The cylinders are the indoor/outdoor weather-monitoring stations and run on batteries or AC power for the indoor unit. The cylinders communicate with Netatmo's servers through your wireless access point.

The box includes these items:

  • Indoor measurement sensor with built-in WiFi adapter
  • Outdoor thermometer/humidity sensor
  • Power cable for indoor sensor
  • Multiple adapters for international power outlets
  • 4 AAA batteries for the outdoor sensor
  • Mounting hardwire for the outdoor sensor: screw/anchor or velcro strap
  • Language-independent pictorial documentation.

Price: $179

Installation is simple, requiring just installation of the batteries and positioning the cylinders outside. Then a quick visit to the Netatmo website to create a free account and get the cylinders online and linked with the company's servers, a download of a small setup wizard to get the indoor unit online, and it's ready to go. The monitoring stations begin collecting data and pulling in metrics that include indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity and raw particle counts, as well as indoor noise, CO2 and barometric pressure levels.

The mobile interface s also handy, with a free app from the App store, and provides a pleasant interface with easy-to-decipher data.

Read more about indoor air quality.

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