Proud Green Home at Serenbe employs water-saving design (video)

Proud Green Home at Serenbe employs water-saving design (video)

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe was designed to be efficient with all resources, not just energy. While the home will easily hit the goal of net-zero energy consumption, it's also designed to be water efficient.

Here builder Luis Imery describes the role that WaterSense certified fixtures from Kohler will play in reducing water use in the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.


The home uses a manifold plumbing system that also reduces water and energy consumption. The manifold resembles an electrical breaker box. Instead of wires, it has pipes running directly to each fixture. Rather than a main water line with branches running to each faucet and toilet, the manifold system has lines directly to each fixture.

Watch Luis Imery explain the resource efficiency benefits of the manifold system.

Read more about the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.


[Videos courtesy The Imery Group]
[Cover house photo by Jodi Laumer-Giddens]

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