ProudGreenHome top September articles

| by Teena Hammond
ProudGreenHome top September articles

Learning more about the newest appliance finishes (goodbye stainless steel) drew in plenty of readers in September, as homeowners seek out a new look for their kitchens.

ProudGreenHome's editor Teena Hammond attended Solar Power International in Orlando, and the most-watched video was from Mage Solar, as a company exec discussed the company's solar offerings.

Among blogs, a Dow Building Solutions feature on air tips for sealing a home and creating a more comfortable home ranked among the top articles, and finding out 5 geothermal misconceptions as described by Jake Rabe, an Enertech geothermal dealer, caught the attention of many readers.

It also turns out that many readers want to know more about making their kitchen more green and eco-friendly, with an article and slideshow garnering views.

In addition, small footprint homes were a draw, with an article about Bellomo Architects and their Tiny House Arc prefab home proving popular, along with an article on a micro home with reclaimed barnwood. Another much-read story on home design talked about going green in a log home.

A quirky feature on Toto and it's poo-powered motorcycle also drew in a large audience, with everyone trying to find out more about such a unique vehicle.

Overall, a mix of fun stories on unusual green topics as well as finding out how to build and remodel green were the biggest draws. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

Topics: Appliances, Home Design & Plans, Remodeling

Teena Hammond
Teena Hammond has published more than 2,000 articles in People and W magazines, Women's Wear Daily, and in dozens of newspapers and books. She also wrote a home improvement, remodeling and decor column that ran in Gannett newspapers nationwide. She's interested in all things green and would love to hear from you with your story ideas.

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