Remote control for your home air conditioner can save 40%

Remote control for your home air conditioner can save 40%

Your air conditioner can turn down when the last person leaves the house, and you can tell it to start cooling again on your way home.

That’s the idea behind tado° Cooling, a device designed to make remote controlled air conditioning systems smart that can help users saves up to 40 percent on their electric bill.

The high-tech start-up tado° launched tado° Cooling, and people from around the world can back the project on Kickstarter USA and be the first to receive the useful gadget this summer.

The Internet of Things device comes with an intelligent smartphone app. Using location services the app detects when the last person has left the house, and automatically turns down the air conditioning.

When any person is on the way home, tado° begins to pre-cool the house. tado's indoor positioning system, based on Bluetooth Low Energy/iBeacon technology, allows one to move throughout the house without turning on and off the ACs. tado's room-to-room feature knows what room to cool and when. Even users without a smartphone can take advantage of tado°’s intelligence thanks to its array of ambient light, motion and noise sensors.

With the tado° app on your smartphone you can monitor and adjust temperatures and humidity at home, and even while on the move. The tado° Cooling device itself has a translucent LED display and a capacitive touch interface for quick adjustments.

The new tado° device is compatible with any remote controlled wall mounted, split, in-window, or portable AC unit. It connects to the AC via infrared and links it to the Internet via WiFi.

The device is available on starting from $69. Anyone can support the project until June 11th. The company tado° is one of the most successful IoT companies in Europe specialized in climate control.

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