Resilient Energy Star residence wins design award

 Resilient Energy Star residence wins design award

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The Margate Resilient Residence, a high performance home by ZeroEnergy Design, a green architecture firm, received the 2016 Green GOOD DESIGN Award for a new green home.

Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’s most important examples of sustainable design, while also helping develop public awareness about companies that provide the best in ecological and sustainable design.

The award was presented by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. The original GOOD DESIGN award program founded in Chicago in 1950 remains among the oldest and most important Awards Program worldwide. Members of The European Center’s International Advisory Committee — worldwide leaders in the design industry —served as the jury and selected outstanding examples of green design from 22 nations.

The  2,600 square foot home was designed as a primary residence for a family of five in a coastal a New Jersey town. Sited on a tight infill lot within a traditional neighborhood, the home maximizes opportunities for light and space, consumes very little energy, incorporates multiple resiliency strategies, and offers a clean, green, modern interior.

The home includes exceptionally low energy consumption (85% less than a typical brand new home), clean renewable energy production, rainwater catchment, healthy indoor air quality, storm protection features, and flood resistance by design.

STORM PREPARATION.  The first level of the home is elevated four feet above grade to minimize the risk of flooding, a concern both before and after Superstorm Sandy. The hurricane resistant construction includes a shutter system, artfully incorporated into the window trim, that will protect the triple glazed windows from flying debris during a storm.

SITE AND SOLAR EXPOSURE.  The front porch subtly mediates the change in elevation between the surrounding grade and the higher first floor, while also being positioned such that it does not require a handrail at its edge. A wood trellis wraps the house to shade both the front porch and south-facing first floor windows. The home is positioned along the northern side of the lot to maximize solar gain on the south side of the home and to create a green buffer between the house and neighbor to the south.

WATER.  Rainwater is collected off the roof and stored in above grade cisterns for landscape irrigation, located below the front and back decks. The wood siding detail on the garage extends into the yard to become both a dog fence and enclose an outdoor shower - which is a must this close to the beach. Inside, high efficiency fixtures and appliances conserve water daily.

AESTHETICS.  Surrounded by a variety of traditional homes, the understated exterior blends right into the neighborhood. Stepping inside reveals a clean modern interior where less-is-more, and barefeet are encouraged. Clutter is minimized by functional storage, natural light is welcomed, and livability is clearly the predominant design driver.

ENERGY PERFORMANCE.  The super insulated home consumes a mere 15% of the energy compared to a new home built to energy code requirements. Of the remaining total energy demand, roughly 60% is offset by the 5kW solar electric system. Air leakage performance testing revealed 0.47ACH50. A circuit by circuit monitoring system has been installed to track energy performance over time.

CERTIFICATION. The home achieved certification under the aggressive performance guidelines of the New Jersey Climate Choice Home Program. To earn the final certification the project met all requirements for NJ ENERGY STAR Homes and EPA Indoor AirPLUS certifications.

"We believe great design is green design. The Margate Resilient Residence incorporates modern elements into a traditional vernacular, successfully tying into the neighborhood context and artfully addressing the design and resilience challenges of an area prone to both flooding and hurricanes. The home accommodates a family of five and two pets in a compact yet livable footprint that is smaller than the national average home size. It further achieves the goals of resilience, low energy use, and a healthy indoor environment on a moderate budget. We’re thrilled to see this project recognized with a Green GOOD DESIGN award,” said Stephanie Horowitz, AIA, of ZeroEnergy Design.


Square Footage: 2,600
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3


Open concept living, Expansive windows, Open stairs, Away room, Deck with pergola


EUI: 8.8kBtu/sf/yr
Air Leakage: 0.47ACH50
Better Than Code: 83%
Cellulose and continuous rigid insulation, Triple pane windows, Continuous air barrier, Solar electric system


Storm shutters, Elevated foundation, Ultra low energy consumption, Backup generator, Highly durable materials

Read more about green home certifications.


Topics: Building Green, Certification / LEED, Energy Star, Going Green, Healthy Homes, Interior Design, Solar Power

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