Save water and energy with Energy Star water heaters (infographic)

Save water and energy with Energy Star water heaters (infographic)

If just 5% of gas water heaters sold each year were Energy Star-qualified gas condensing models, the U.S. would save 17.2 million therms of energy each year. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s equivalent to taking almost 17,000 cars off the road.

There are more efficient types of water heaters available than standard gas or electric, all with a range of energy savings.

  • Heat Pump Electric—Uses electricity to move heat from one place to another
  • Condensing Gas—Heats and stores the water using gas, then uses the combustion gas to heat the water more
  • Tankless (point of use) electric—Heats the water when and where you need it

Read more about energy-efficient water heaters.

Information and infographic courtesy of Christopher Long on the Home Depot blog.

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