Screenmedia Expo: Slideshow from this year's expo in London

| by Christopher Hall
Screenmedia Expo: Slideshow from this year's expo in London
Screenmedia Expo Europe 2010 in the Earl'sCourt section of London this year drew the full gamut of digital signage solution providers.
Some were showcasing new tech, some were just maintaining their visibility in the market and some were first-timers introducing themselves to the young industry.
From backpack-mounted displays to billboards mounted on doubledecker buses, the show had a little bit of everything. And as digital signage technology converges with kiosk and self-service applications, it is not hard to imagine these technologies being integrated into the next generation of self-service deployments.
These photos capture just a fraction of the bright lights on display in the big city, but they should give you a taste of the digital signage technology that could soon appear in the self-service marketplace.
Click here for the full slideshow.

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