See the amazing folding window wall system contest winners (photos)

 See the amazing folding window wall system contest winners (photos)

Cabo San Lucas home that withstood a hurricane.

As more manufacturers offer folding or sliding window wall options, homeowners and builders are coming up with some amazing designs that create excitement in a home.

NanaWall Systems held its third annual Photo Story Contest, and selected winners based on each project’s premier design, application story and imagery. NanaWall customers submitted photography and testimonials in hopes to gain national exposure for their design projects.

“The Photo Story Contest entries that we receive each year are both stunning and inspirational,” said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “We appreciate all of our clients’ positivity, loyalty and creativity, and we look forward to showcasing the innovative projects from this year’s winners.”

Winners were selected from a competitive pool of submissions segmented into the following categories: Extreme, Commercial, Commercial Interior, Interior Remodel, Pool House and Residential.

Applicants explained how the bifold doors were incorporated into their residential or commercial projects, exceeding their design visions and allowing unique or difficult architectural spaces to become a reality. Here's a look at some of the residential winners.

Category: Extreme
Project: Cabo San Lucas

Contractor: Juan Diego Perez

A new “Extreme” category was added this year to showcase the durability of NanaWall in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes or subzero winters. One winner shared the story from Baja California, Mexico, where the NanaWall faced a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Odile.

“Not surprisingly, the 140 mph winds and intense rain were not a problem for this Wall,” said contractor Juan Diego Perez, Photo Story Contest Winner in the Extreme category.

Two months after the installation was completed Hurricane Odile, the most intense land falling tropical cyclone on the Baja California peninsula during the satellite era, swept across the region and inflicted widespread damage as a category 4 hurricane. A direct hit to the area were the window was installed. Not surprisingly the 140 mph winds and intense rain were not a problem for this Wall, the interior of the room remained dry during and after the storm and the NanaWall suffered no damage at all.

Category: Best Residential
Project: Lakefront Splendor
Architect: Gelotte Hommas 

After purchasing a home on Lake Washington, located near Seattle, the client came to the architect to remodel the entire home as well as the exterior grounds. NanaWall was used to be able to allow as much of the gorgeous view and natural light in as possible. The walls allowed the spaces to be opened up to the exterior spaces converting them into one free flowing space. The NanaWall system allowed the client to enjoy the natural beauty even on rainy days that happen often in the Pacific Northwest.

Category: Best Remodel
Project: Family Loft
Architect: ZeroEnergy Design
Contractor: Ralph S. Osmond Company
Photographer: Eric Roth Photography

A young couple starting a family in the city purchased this two story loft in Boston's South End. Built in the 1990's, the loft was ready for updates. ZED transformed the space, creating a fresh new look and greatly increasing its functionality to accommodate an expanding family within an urban setting.

A solid wall separating the master bedroom from the double height living space was replaced with NanaWall to open the bedroom to the living space. The new NanaWall readily admits 'borrowed' daylight from the main living space into the previously dark bedroom space, increasing the natural lighting. It also allows for both visual and acoustical privacy when desired. Collectively, the renovation creates a delightful improvement to the aesthetics, light, and functionality of the space for the growing family to enjoy.

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