Self-service meat: Spanish butcher shop adds vending, ordering kiosks

Self-service meat: Spanish butcher shop adds vending, ordering kiosks

Over at and across the Internet, there's a bit of a buzz about an interesting new development in Spain.

And they're not talking about the nation's recent victory in the FIFA World Cup.

A small chain of butcher shops in Northern Spain, Izarzugaza, has not only started selling its wares online, it's started selling meat, sandwiches and more from a vending kiosk outside one of its locations.

Izarzugaza also offers the option of using self-service, multilingual touchscreens in its shops to place orders, apparently aimed at making it easier for foreign tourists to place orders in something other than Spanish.

The shop's new self-service approach to selling sandwiches, sausages and meatballs has started a bit of a mini-buzz on the Internet, with reports about the shop showing up in sites like and publications like the Colorado Springs Independent.

So far the reception seems to be positive, rather unlike the recent wine kiosks in Pennsylvania that have been widely panned — perhaps because there's no need to blow into a breathalyzer before you can buy some Spanish ham.

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