Share your climate change concerns with the world for Earth Day

Share your climate change concerns with the world for Earth Day

Between now and Earth Day – April 22 – this interactive digital display will aggregate user-submitted photographs depicting people’s concerns about climate change.

Then, it will be shown at Earth Day events around the world.

With one week to go until Earth Day, there's still time to add your photo to the Face of Climate Change mosaic display.

The global theme for Earth Day 2013 is The Face of Climate Change. The accompanying campaign is collecting images of people, animals and places directly affected or threatened by climate change as well as photos of people taking action to stop it.

“The goal is to depict the very real impact that climate change is having on people’s lives and to unite thousands of Earth Day events around the world into one call for climate action,” said Franklin Russell, director of Earth Day at Earth Day Network. “The more people who participate, the more of an impact it will have.”

With more than one billion people across 192 countries participating in Earth Day-related activities each year, the potential is enormous.

The campaign is also focusing heavily on social media. Tweets using the hashtag #FaceOfClimate will appear on the digital display, beside the photos. People can also post photos to Twitter and Instagram using that hashtag for inclusion in the mosaic. 

In addition to being shown at events around the world held by Earth Day Network’s partners, the photo display is immediately available to anyone who wants to view or show it, and it is completely free.

To view The Face of Climate Change photo display, go to To learn more about Earth Day 2013 and The Face of Climate Change, go to

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