SIPs Building Excellence Winners Announced

SIPs Building Excellence Winners Announced

The Parfitt Residence by Premier SIPs/CVH Builder & Zero-Energy Plans.

A 3,000 square-foot home was the winner in the large residential category at the 15th Annual Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) Building Excellence Awards.

The awards, announced during the association’s 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference in February, reflect the judges' evaluation of projects on four criteria including how the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs) resulted in quantifiable energy efficiency; design and structural engineering innovation; creative use of SIP construction; and overall environmental sustainability.

The 2017 Building Excellence Awards recipients are:


Overall Competition Winner and 1st Place Single Family Homes above 3,000 sq. ft.  winner is the Parfitt Residence by Premier SIPs/CVH Builder & Zero-Energy Plans. The SIPs walls and roof make this home energy efficient by adding continuous ground-to-roof insulation while eliminating the thermal bridging and air infiltration associated with stick-framed construction. Due to SIPS, the building team was able to install and dry in the entire roof in just one day. Theproject is in Anacortes, WA and achieved a Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) of -19 with an impressive air leakage rate of only 0.82 air changes/hour (ACH).

Overall Competition Runner-up and 1st Place Single Family Homes below 3,000 sq. ft. winner is the Justin Residence by Extreme Panel Technologies/Stinson Builders. SIPs provided a unique solution for this home designed without ridge beams. In fact, per the builder, only SIPs could deliver the combined structural and energy performance required to meet the project’s net-zero energy goals. This home is in Mendota Heights, MN and achieved a HERS of 23 with an air leakage rate of only 0.91 ACH.

1st Place Affordable Housing is the Modernista House, Innova Eco Building System/Capital Group Developments. With dramatic 12 ft ceilings, this energy-efficient home exemplifies energy-efficient modern design made possible with SIPs. Miami-Dade County approved magnesium oxide skinned SIPs provided a unique advantage to this job due to its 180-mph hurricane resistance rating. The project is in Pompano Beach, FL and achieved a HERS of 68 with an air leakage rate of 2.8 ACH.


1st Place Commercial/Industrial above 10,000 sq. ft.winner is Al’s Pheasant Ranch & Lodge by Enercept. This 20-room lodge featuring post and beam construction and vaulted ceilings is a perfect display of how SIPs support design flexibility for timber framed construction. The SIP walls and roof not only made building faster and easier, but it also limits the exposure of the timbers to the weather. The project is in Emery, SD.

1st Place Commercial/Industrial below 10,000 sq. the Ideation Design Group by Enercept.

Using SIPs reduced construction time of this 42- person design studio. The exterior walls were framed, sheathed and insulated in four days with only four men. The project is in Phoenix, AZ.

1st Place Agriculture is the West River Vet Clinic by Enercept. SIPs fast-track installation means that crews can complete the interiors of this energy-tight veterinary clinic during the winter months with only two temporary heaters. The project is in Hettinger, ND.

1st Place Renovation is the Peace Church, Energy Panel Structures. Using 10 inch thick SIPs to renovate a church roof with vaulted ceilings increased energy efficiency, the construction speed while preserving the buildings ecclesiastical design- all at a cost less than conventional framing with spray foam.    Additionally, the construction crew reported that Jumbo SIPs panels further increased efficiencies, speed while reducing labor. The project is in Rochester, MN.

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