Sleek Outdoor Deck Style for Secure Lounging

Sleek Outdoor Deck Style for Secure Lounging

Photos courtesy of SigmaDek.

From beautiful beaches to arid mountain ranges, sunny California enjoys a range of climates well-suited to outdoor living.

SigmaDek's outdoor decking solution is now available exclusively for residents in California.  With a sleek look that is virtually maintenance-free, the high-tech product line blends aerospace-grade aluminum substructure with aluminum-and-porcelain deck boards.

SigmaDek offers five finishes with additional special order colors available, and can be customized to include integrated lighting, locking gates, glass rail panels – even cup holders. Creating a striking appearance unlike any other, these elements connect seamlessly for a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. As you design your new outdoor living area, be sure to focus not only on the appearance and features, but also how you can safely use the structure and what type of maintenance you can expect.

A brand new custom outdoor living space that is beautiful and safely constructed brings enjoyment for a time. But after a season or two, maintenance can become a concern. An outdoor space should be the home of spirited summer evening get-togethers, relaxing Sunday afternoons and memorable experiences all around. SigmaDek systems are engineered for effortless enjoyment, with virtually no maintenance. Savor every minute of outdoor living with no cupped or warped boards to deal with, no need to re-stain, repair or replace.

SigmaDek's alternative building components are impervious to saltwater and won't rot in damp coastal climates, crack in arid environments or fuel a fire – all factors that influence structural safety.

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