Smart Indoor Air Quality Solutions Make Clean Air Easier

Smart Indoor Air Quality Solutions Make Clean Air Easier

LG's new Puri Care and Fine Dust Sensor

Most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, but indoor air can be more polluted than the great outdoors.

LG Electronics will launch two new smart air solutions for the home that make creating better air at home easier.

Launched at CES® 2018. The LG PuriCare air purifier for 2018 features fine dust sensor and the LG DUALCOOL ThinQ™ Stand Inverter air conditioner with voice recognition and DeepThinQ technology make experiencing purer, cleaner air indoors more convenient than ever.

 High-Tech Smart Removal of Fine Dust

With a state-of-the-art air-monitoring sensor, the LG PuriCare air purifier automatically removes fine dust particles to maintain a comfortable and clean environment. Even when LG PuriCare is in standby mode, it can still monitor air quality and can power on when filtering is required. With its distinctive cylindrical design, PuriCare boasts advanced air filtration technology* with LG’s 360° Total Care Filter System. And thanks to its powerful Clean Booster feature, LG PuriCare is able to better distribute clean air throughout the room while delivering gentle airflow at the base, making this an ideal product for families with young children and pets.

 Boosted Convenience with Voice Recognition


Also debuting at CES 2018, the LG DUALCOOL ThinQ™ Stand Inverter Air Conditioner is equipped with voice technology, allowing homeowners to control their indoor temperature with a single phrase. The LG Dual Inverter Compressor minimizes the speed of the compressor, providing high energy efficiency and lower noise levels. LG DUALCOOL ThinQ also employs LG’s DeepThinQ AI technology to direct more airflow in the direction of individuals in the room using spatial recognition. In addition to recognizing the presence of people in the room, the Intelligent Human Movement Sensor also adjusts the strength of the air flow depending on the proximity of the person or people to the unit.

By analyzing the daily behavioral patterns of the residents, the LG DUALCOOL ThinQ air conditioner learns what parts of the house require cooling at specific times of the day, maintaining optimal temperatures and saving energy.

“When it comes to making the home more comfortable and more convenient, LG’s intelligent home appliances are leading the industry,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “Artificial intelligence is continuing to evolve and LG is committed to using this technology to improve consumers’ quality of life, especially when it comes to air care.”

 Visitors to CES 2018 can personally experience LG’s smart air solutions products at booth #11100 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9-12.

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