Solar power home tour highlights real world savings

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 Solar power home tour highlights real world savings

Visitors to a home with a live solar electric system saw real utility bills and the ease of making electricity at home.

At its fourth solar open house Baker Electric Solar, a Southern California solar company specializing in San Diego solar installations, visitors toured the Escondido home of Baker Electric’s Director of Controls Group, Scott Thorn. Visitors to the live 6.87 kW residential solar system open house gained valuable information about how a solar electric system works. They also viewed actual electric bills documenting the Thorn’s $880 utility savings over the last year.

The Thorn’s rooftop-mounted 6.87 kW solar system consists of 21 SunPower 327 watt solar panels and one SPR-6000m inverter -- with a PV surface area of approximately 300 square feet. Factoring in SDG&E rate increases and locked-in low energy rate savings, the Thorn family is on track to save an estimated $42,000 over 20 years.

In addition, over the first two decades of the life of the system, its environmental benefits will reduce CO2 emissions by 248,483 lbs. or the equivalent of not driving a car 298,179 miles.

Escondido’s desert climate averages 266 sunny days, making it an ideal location for residential solar installations. The family recognized immediate solar savings with a zero down, low fixed monthly payment lease option. The system has eliminated close to 97 percent of their monthly electric bill.

Solar Power Savings

For example with the Thorn’s system, their solar production offset a typical electric bill $185, leaving them with a remaining electric bill of $6. In a postcard invitation that went out to the local community prior to the event, people were encouraged to bring their electric bills so that an onsite Baker Electric Solar energy consultant could estimate the monthly savings a solar system would provide them.

 “At Baker Electric and Baker Electric Solar we ‘walk the walk.’ We’ve invested in creating our own solar energy. Our 30,000 square foot corporate offices in Escondido have a rooftop 85.68 kW (DC) solar system that to date has generated over a half million kilowatt hours of energy – that’s enough to power 58 average homes for a year,” said Baker Electric Solar President Mike Teresso. “In addition, just as Scott Thorn’s family has gone solar, so have over a dozen Baker employees. We know the value for our customers as well as ourselves.”

As a Baker Electric Inc. family company, Baker Electric Solar, has the 75-year history, backing and diversification of an experienced electrical contractor founded in 1938. Offering sun-powered solutions since 2003, the companies have helped more than 2000 San Diego County residents use the sun to save on their electric bills.

Read more about generating your own energy at home.

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