Solar PPAs Offer Free Energy with No Upfront Costs

Solar PPAs Offer Free Energy with No Upfront Costs

A Power Purchase Agreement offers an option for homeowners to add solar power to their homes without having to come out of pocket for additional expenses.

SkyBlue Solar  is offers solar power via a PPA, which the company says can allow homeowners to save up to 40 percent of what they’re currently paying on their electric bill. The SkyBlue Solar program uses the government-sponsored Power Purchase Agreement program, and the system comes with a 20-year monitoring, maintenance and repair package.

While homeowners can pay to install solar panels on their own, SkyBlue Solar offers homeowners the option to install solar panels with no money down. This allows the homeowner to pay for the solar panels over time through their electric bill with no additional costs, which can create a savings of up to 40 percent less than what they’re currently paying each month.

“We recognize that adding solar panels can be expensive, which is why we offer to have the solar panels installed with no out-of-pocket expenses to the homeowner, while passing along energy savings to them,” said Tony Twomey, chief operating officer of SkyBlue Solar, which serves homeowners in New Jersey, Massachusetts and California.

Besides saving money, homeowners with a medium size house can expect to remove approximately 9,200 pounds of toxic pollution each year, Twomey said.

The owners of American Power & Gas, which was listed as the fastest growing company in Tampa, Florida by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2016 and one of the fastest growing companies in Florida, helped create SkyBlue Solar because of their dedication to having a positive impact on the environment.

“American Power & Gas is committed to our customers and the environment, which is why we are urging homeowners and businesses to learn more about solar energy from Sky Blue Solar,” said Andrea d’Agostini, vice president of marketing and public relations for American Power & Gas. “Solar is the energy of the future; it will put our society in a position to run on a free renewable energy source , the same that we use to grow our food, the sun.”

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