Take control of home energy management with the Wiser system

Take control of home energy management with the Wiser system

With home automation and control, homeowners can reduce their energy usage and save on utility bills. A partnership between Schneider Electric and Alarm.com brings the Wiser home management system to home builders, utilities and other service providers in the energy efficiency space.

Schneider Electric's Wiser home management system, powered by Alarm.com, connects utilities and consumers. Wiser also enables homeowners to better control energy and save money, with features such as thermostat and lighting control that can be easily accessed through the web portal, www.wiserenergy.com, or the Wiser app, available for Android devices, in addition to iPads, iPhones and iPods

The relationship between Schneider Electric's Wiser home management system and  Alarm.com's Connected Home platform gives  homeowners and property managers the ability to proactively track and manage electricity usage in real-time, monitor the power generated by rooftop solar panels and operate connected thermostats and load control devices more intelligently to reduce energy usage.

This simplified, combined offering gives customers visibility and control of household energy use, enables homeowners to drive energy efficiency by reducing or shifting energy use during peak times, and provides customizable settings for optimal comfort.

"Energy management is a key part of the Connected Home of the future," said Alison Slavin, Alarm.com co-founder and vice president of Product Management. "Alarm.com's platform has been designed to easily integrate the expanding Internet of Things and connect them through a powerful and secure Cloud Service. Through Alarm.com's partnership with Schneider Electric, we're powering the tools to enable consumers to understand their home's energy usage profile and more effectively take action to save energy without sacrificing convenience and comfort."

The Wiser home management system includes an energy monitor, smart thermostat, internet gateway, in-home display, smart plug and other load controls, web portal and mobile app usability. The Wiser smart thermostat is programmable and communicates usage and pricing via changing color screens. Built with ZigBee Smart Energy technology, it's connected to other system components and remotely controllable by the in-home display, the Wiser Home Management web portal, and the Wiser app. The in-home display is a control center and dashboard that is designed as a real-time communication path from the utility to the customer. The system is designed to securely enable load control and demand management.

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