Taking insulated concrete forms construction to the next level (video)

Taking insulated concrete forms construction to the next level (video)

Like any green building approach, with insulated concrete forms the devil is in the details to ensure a tight building envelope and a high-performance home.

Fox Blocks, a fast-growing manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) has launched some unique products that make it easier to get those tough detail rights.

Randy Daniels, regional sales manager for Fox Blocks, demonstrates some of the products that help builders succeed with ICF construction.

Fox Blocks Fox Buck

In many ICF building systems, bucks for windows and doors are made of wood or other materials that don't match the foam block of the ICF. That allows for thermal bridging, a lack of insulation and the opportunity for air and moisture leakage in a critical part of the thermal envelope.

Fox Blocks offers the Fox Buck, made out of the same type 2 EPS the ICF blocks are made from, which eliminates the need to use wood or vinyl bucks

The Fox Buck provides fully integrated continuous insulation for window and door bucks for residential and commercial applications. When installed properly, the concrete barrier protection is continuous around the entire opening. These barriers also anchor the Fox Buck to the wall with enough strength to hold in most weather conditions.

Each Fox Buck is 2 inches thick for easy measurements and features a full 1 1/2 inch-wide full height fastening zone for door and window attachment as well as full width fastening zones at 8 inches on center across the buck face surface.

Fox Blocks Energy Stick

The Energy Stick is an additional foam block that’s inserted into the cavity of an ICF. Each Energy Stick layer adds R-9 insulation value to the wall. The builder or contractor can insert the energy stick on one or two faces to achieve the desired R-value. For example three Energy Stick layers can be inserted into the 12-inch block to provide as much as R- 48 with 6 inches of concrete in the form.

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