The ins and out of wind power; what you need to know

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The ins and out of wind power; what you need to know

As the move to use less energy, and therefore reduce carbon footprints, becomes more active, homeowners are considering systems like solar, geothermal, and wind to produce their own energy.

Of course, experts recommend that homeowners first concentrate on having as tight of an envelope as possible. Then, once the need for energy has been reduced, it’s time to figure which alternative energy source is right for you.

Jason Warnock, who leads the sustainability and consulting practice of DMD Green, recently wrote a blog about small “micro” wind generators used to supplement power at residential homes. Jason’s blog post addresses crucial items like how much wind is required to install a wind turbine, how much does it cost, and what types of laws or restrictive covenants are there in regards to installing these turbines in a suburban environment?

Click here to read Jason Warnock’s blog post.

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