Three benefits of living in a green home

Three benefits of living in a green home

Homes typically are significant investments in people’s lives, not only monetarily, but also emotionally. Homes express our values and offer a place of refuge from the world. For some, making a home "green" offers not only savings from high utility bills, but also a way of expressing a commitment to the environment. A well-designed living space also becomes a more satisfying place to spend time.

Making a home more green takes desire, research and an investment of both time and resources. The intangible benefits are numerous, including the satisfaction of living in a place that reflects the owner’s values and showcases a commitment to environmental stewardship, the contentment that comes with knowing everything possible has been done to make a home as energy efficient as possible and the pride that comes from sharing tips on efficiency with friends and neighbors.

But there are concrete benefits as well, such as improved air quality, energy efficiency and reduced costs. Click here to downloada detailed white paper that examines the specific benefits of living in a green home.

Topics: Cost of Ownership, Heating & Cooling, Indoor Air Quality

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