Top 10 news articles for 2014

Top 10 news articles for 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, here's a look at back at the top 10 news stories on These are the stories published this year that snagged our readers' attention the most.

10. Check out the latest hot home building products

The PCBC show honored homebuilding's latest and greatest products with the Parade of Products Awards.

9. Hurricane-proof windows tested by a 2x4 shot out of a cannon (video)

Florida's Miami-Dade County is the New York City of hurricane-resistant windows and doors. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. One way windows make it there is to survive tests to prove that the window won't be penetrated by an impact. If an object hits a window and shatters during a storm, wind and water get into the home causing further damage as well as potential harm to anyone inside.

8. Replacement windows available in casement and awning styles

Casement and awning style windows are considered some of the most energy-saving types on the market, but there have been few options for replacement or insert windows.

7. Window films deliver an extra layer of efficiency

To manage solar heat gain through windows, window film offers an ideal solution for architects, building project managers, and business and homeowners who seek to make buildings and homes visually appealing, environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

6. Don't underestimate the power of windows in a high performance home

In a November 2014 update, Sam Rashkin, chief architect of the Building Technologies office of the U.S. Department of Energy, discussed the value of high-performance windows in a tight building envelope. Check out the video interview with Mr. Rashkin.

5. Euro-style windows gain Passive House certification

One of the key features in a Passive House design is the high-performance windows. But not just any old windows will do. The windows must be certified by the Passive House Institute to meet their strict criteria for thermal performance.

4. Skylights let the sunshine and fresh air into your home

Opening vertical windows and using mechanical ventilation, such as fans, is one solution. Another is using quiet, free passive ventilation from the chimney effect provided by venting skylights working with windows. That, and the abundant daylighting available through skylights, makes them attractive functionally in addition to the design elements and other advantages they bring to a home.

3. Tips to save energy and resources as the seasons change

Whether it's the air conditioning, heat, hot water or lighting, there are always ways to save money on utility bills.

2.  Cost effective green building starts with energy efficient windows

The Department of Energy estimates that windows in buildings in the United States account for a 30 percent loss in heating and cooling energy. One of the most cost effective ways to combat high energy prices and save money is to install high- performance windows.

1. Tax credits for home energy upgrades in force for 2014

Qualified U.S. homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives for adding energy efficient features to their homes in 2014.

Read more about sustainability trends.

Companies: U.S. Department of Energy

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