Top 10 ProudGreenHome articles for October

| by Teena Hammond
Top 10 ProudGreenHome articles for October

In October, readers were drawn to articles on the newest appliances finishes that are replacing stainless steel, how to generate electricity at home, and the Bellomo Architects Tiny House Arc prefab home project.

Other popular pieces include how native landscaping creates an eco-friendly environment, a story and video on the Wolf convection steam oven, and how to go green in a log home.

A longstanding article that continues to draw attention is on Carrier launching the most energy-efficient heat pump on the market. And interestingly enough, the monthly article on the top stories for September was a big attention getter.

Among videos, the organic farming at Serenbe segment, with an in-person interview on site at the farm near Atlanta, was the most popular for the month. The next most popular video was an interview at Solar Power International with Schneider Electric, and then third on the list was an interview with Matt Belcher at Active House USA in St. Louis, Mo.

In blog land, the piece on how to create a finished basement drew a wealth of readers, and the Ask the Expert article on the pros and cons of Insulated Concrete Form was just a notch above building a rustic home with cordwood construction.

Stay tuned for more articles on these popular subjects in the coming months.

Topics: Appliances, Geothermal Heating & Cooling, Landscaping, Solar Power, Water Heaters

Teena Hammond
Teena Hammond has published more than 2,000 articles in People and W magazines, Women's Wear Daily, and in dozens of newspapers and books. She also wrote a home improvement, remodeling and decor column that ran in Gannett newspapers nationwide. She's interested in all things green and would love to hear from you with your story ideas.

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