TRI Pointe Launches HomeSmart Connected Home Line

TRI Pointe Launches HomeSmart Connected Home Line

Adding to its focus on pioneering sustainable features and solutions in the design and construction of its new homes, TRI Pointe Group, Inc. launched HomeSmart, a suite of state-of-the-art home technology and automation features that harness the power of internet-connected devices to elevate the homeowner experience and also allow homeowners to conserve energy. 

The launch of HomeSmart, timed to coincide with Earth Day, added a fifth component to LivingSmart, TRI Pointe Group’s comprehensive program that blends the design, development, construction and operation of high-performing homes to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments with lower operating costs.

First introduced by Pardee Homes in 2001, the LivingSmart program is now integrated throughout all six premium builder brands that comprise the TRI Pointe Group.Thesimple yet effective names of each of the LivingSmart components convey the importance of these features to customers. For example, HealthSmart includes features and finishes that contribute to improved indoor air quality through the use of low-emission carpets, countertops, and other building materials. EnergySmart refers to features that reduce energy use through advanced construction techniques for the building envelope and the addition of solar, ENERGY STAR appliances and low-e windows. EarthSmart includes products or practices that relate to recycling and use fewer resources. Finally, WaterSmart describes home features that help reduce water consumption with low-flow devices and drought-tolerant landscaping.

“At TRI Pointe Group, we are constantly evolving and aiming higher to meet and exceed customer expectations. One of the steps we are taking in that direction includes our continuous effort to stay ahead of the technology curve by delivering smart home solutions that enrich our customers’ lives while contributing to their health and well-being, as well as our planet ,” said Tom Mitchell, president and COO of TRI Pointe Group. “The launch of HomeSmart highlights the progress each of our homebuilding brands and divisions has been making in the areas of home technology and seamless connectivity.”

As the newest addition to the LivingSmart program, HomeSmart is centered around three components:  (1) comfort and control, (2) access and security and (3) WiFi connectivity.  Comfort and control provides 24/7 energy savings by allowing homeowners to control temperature, lighting and much more via smart phones and tablets at home or remotely.

Access and security affords peace of mind and ultimate convenience by letting residents monitor who’s coming and going, and granting entry to service providers and guests even when they are away from home.

WiFi connectivity means that homes are pre-wired for a central wireless access point that ensures a consistently strong signal and keeps the smart home components working seamlessly while providing enough bandwidth for streaming things like music, movies, and games.

The Internet of Things is everywhere and its penetration into the home of tomorrow is only expected to deepen. A 2015 survey showed 50% of people in the U.S. planned to buy at least one smart home product in the next year. According to research from Gartner, the typical family home could contain a whopping 500 smart devices by 2022.

TRI Pointe Group has integrated leading-edge technology at its newest communities in its builder brands.  For example, Pardee Homes has incorporated Amazon’s popular Echo voice control system, Alexa, into the Arista model homes at its Aliento master-planned community in Santa Clarita, California. Pardee Homes also offers other connected features such as the UniFi AC Pro wireless access point, high-speed Category 6 cabling, Honeywell WiFi thermostat, Schlage Connect entry locks, Liftmaster WiFi garage door openers, Ring Pro WiFi camera and doorbell, Lutron Caseta light switches in selected locations and the Samsung SmartThings hub at Arista.

“The response from customers thus far has been very positive as they realize their homes can improve their quality of life in new ways,” Mitchell said.

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