Upgrade your holiday lights with LED

Upgrade your holiday lights with LED

If you are still opting for traditional incandescent lighting strands to illuminate your Christmas tree, you are missing out on energy-saving alternatives that can save you both time and money. LED light strands not only cut down on energy consumption, but also save you from the hassle of finding and switching out burned bulbs each season.

The National Parks Foundation sees the value of LEDs for holiday décor, utilizing 450 strands of LED lights to light the National Christmas Tree in front of the White House. LEDs provide the National Christmas Tree with reliability, longevity and energy savings. Keep reading for more details about using LEDs on your Christmas tree this year.

At our GE Lighting headquarters, Nela Park, we're celebrating our 87th year of bringing festive holiday lighting displays for local Clevelanders. This year's display uses more than a half million LED lights that are timed with music. You can read more about this unique tradition here.

Why LED?

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are made with a semiconductor. These bulbs are illuminated by the movement of electrons, rather than traditional incandescent bulbs which have filaments that can eventually burn out. They produce light by using up to 80 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. LED holidays lights provide a much longer life than your old holiday lighting as well. Unlike traditional light strands, these sets continue to operate even if one or more bulbs are burnt out or loose, preventing the hassle of replacing a single bulb or full strings of lights.

They also are cooler-operating than incandescent options, and because long-lasting LEDs emit less heat, they are more durable, making them the perfect option for outdoor holiday lighting displays as well.

Trade in your holiday lights

Local retailers make it easier than ever to make the switch. Stores such as Sears, Home Depot, and Kmart offer trade-in programs where consumers can bring old strands of lighting, working or not, into the store in exchange for coupons of new LED options. Those stores will then take those strands and have them recycled.

Most traditional incandescent options are available in LED options, including solid lights, multicolored lightings, cascading icicles and twinkling lights. Although LED lights may seem more expensive upfront, they will outlast traditional bulbs by 20 years, as well as bring down energy costs and save you trips to local retailers to replace bulbs during the busy holiday season.

By Carmen Pastore, consumer products brand manager at GE Lighting.

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