Use Green Home Technology to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Use Green Home Technology to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

LED lighting can make the kitchen even more inviting.

Technology is at the peak of its development as you are reading this, which is exactly why it is easier than ever to cut back on energy use in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the carbon footprint of your home and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, households around the United States are still not aware of the advancement in the green energy sector and they continue their routines such as turning off the lights or using a washing machine only after 10 p.m. 

Innovative green home technology is making energy efficient and sustainable way of living more accessible than ever. What is even more important is that it is making green living desirable and popular among homeowners around the world. 

Why use smart and green home technology?

  • It makes your daily routine easier
  • It simplifies environmentally responsible behavior
  • It has a huge effect without our direct effort
  • It motivates our community to be more eco-friendly
  • It is cost-effective

Smart green home technology allows homeowners to control their energy consumption without abridging their convenience.  These appliances significantly affect carbon footprint and contribute to a smart and cleaner future.  Here are some smart green home inventions that could help you track your energy consumption and control it:

Smart Light Bulbs

Prominent studies done by International Energy Agency prove that conventional electric light bulbs dissipate up to 20 percent of global electricity production.  Imagine the world in which you don't need to panic when you realize you forgot to turn off the lights at home. It is now a possibility thanks to smart lighting that positively affects energy consumption. Smart light bulbs detect motion and natural light so they could adjust automatically. They eliminate the likelihood of spending electricity all night if you forget to turn them off. These green lights guarantee you up to 50 percent of saved energy.

Smart Thermostats

 In a climatically diverse country like the U.S., heating and cooling takes more than half the energy use in a typical American household.  Therefore, temperature managing is a crucial and beneficial method for reducing your carbon footprint. The simplest way to take control of your indoor temperature is to ameliorate your home with a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats free you of any worry and calculate just how much cooling and heating your home needs at a certain moment. By using smart thermostats you can reduce the possibility of energy waste.

Power Strips

 How many times did you leave your charger plugged in and left your home? Plugged-in electronics are an often overlooked way of wasting energy, but unfortunately they leave a significant impact. They increase your carbon output without you even realizing it or thinking about it. Smart power strips could be an efficient solution to this problem since they discern when gadgets are out of use and stint the access to power.  If you have a tendency to leave laptop chargers, phone chargers, joysticks and other devices plugged in then this might be the best green/smart appliance for your home.

Solar Panels

Solar technology developed significantly since the 70s so the idea of installing solar panels shouldn't be so abstract anymore. They don't represent a burden to the visual appearance of your property, and they allow you to produce your own electricity. Even though solar panels are still a significant financial investment, your money should be recouped through energy savings.

Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar technology took a step further and equipped our homes with a solar water heater. Unlike traditional heaters, solar water heater uses sun's heat and energy to warm up your water. Water is accumulated in an insulated dark-colored tank, and you can use it whenever you want to. The solar heater is a wise choice for people living in sunny areas since heaters can reach their full potential with more sun available than on other locations. You can expect to save around 60 percent on water heating bills.


Hopefully, we succeeded in proving that you don't need to live in a cave to live efficiently and eco-friendly. Today's technology is making healthy lifestyle and conscious behavior accessible to anyone. Get creative, use our recommended appliances,  think of your own ways to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to improving our environment.

Written by Matt, editor at Georgia Roof Pro from Georgia.

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