USGBC releases list of top 10 states for LEED green buildings

USGBC releases list of top 10 states for LEED green buildings

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) today released its 2011 list of top 10 states for LEED-certified commercial and institutional green buildings per capita, based on the U.S. 2010 Census information. The District of Columbia leads the nation, with more than 31 sq. ft. of LEED-certified space per person in 2011, with Colorado being the leading state, with 2.74 sq. ft. per person in 2011.

Other top states include Illinois, Virginia and Washington, with 2.69, 2.42 and 2.18 sq. ft. of LEED-certified space per person, respectively. The top LEED states per capita, including the District of Columbia:

  • District of Columbia — 18,954,022 square feet, 31.50 sq. ft. per capita
  • Colorado — 13,803,113 sq. ft., 2.74 sq. ft. per capita
  • Illinois — 34,567,585 sq. ft., 2.69 sq. ft. per capita
  • Virginia — 19,358,193 sq. ft., 2.42 sq. ft. per capita
  • Washington — 14,667,558 sq. ft., 2.18 sq. ft. per capita
  • Maryland — 11,970,869 sq. ft., 2.07 sq. ft. per capita
  • Massachusetts — 13,087,625 sq. ft., 2 sq. ft. per capita
  • Texas — 50,001,476 sq. ft., 1.99 sq. ft. per capita
  • California — 71,551,296 sq. ft., 1.92 sq. ft. per capita
  • New York — 36,538,981 sq. ft., 1.89 sq. ft. per capita
  • Minnesota — 9,591,445 sq. ft., 1.81 sq. ft. per capita

"Looking past the bricks and mortar, people are at the heart of what buildings are all about," said Rick Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chair, USGBC. "Examining the per capita value of LEED square footage in these states allows us to focus on what matters most — the human element of green buildings."

LEED is the internationally recognized mark of green building excellence, with more than 44,000 projects commercial projects participating, comprising over 8 billion square feet of construction space in all 50 states and 120 countries. In addition, more than 16,000 homes have been certified under the LEED for Homes rating system, with more than 67,000 more homes registered.

"Our local green building chapters from around the country have been instrumental in accelerating the adoption of green building policies and initiatives that drive construction locally," Fedrizzi said in the release. "These states should be recognized for working to reinvent their local building landscapes with buildings that enliven and bolster the health of our environment, communities and local economies."

"This is a great accomplishment for the D.C. metropolitan region and a testament to the drive, commitment and leadership of all those who live, work and play in our community," said Mike Babcock, board chair of the National Capital Region Chapter of USGBC, in the release. "We also realize there is still more to do and hope to effectively guide the effort by engaging, educating and encouraging the dialogue around the value of sustainability."

"Being in the top three is a testament to the diversity of stakeholders from across Illinois who understand the significant environmental, economic, and social benefits related to LEED certification," said Doug Widener, executive director of the Illinois Chapter of USGBC, in the release. "I applaud Illinois' diverse green building community on this outstanding achievement."

In December 2011, the USGBC announced that LEED-certified existing buildings outpaced their newly-built counterparts by 15 million square feet on a cumulative basis. A focus on heightened building performance through green operations and maintenance is essential to cost-effectively driving improvements in the economy and the environment.

Read more about green building certification.

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