VIDEO: Small-scale system uses reclaimed water to flush toilet

| by Teena Hammond
VIDEO: Small-scale system uses reclaimed water to flush toilet

Mark Sanders recalls how, at age nine, he would watch water swirl down the drain in his family's bathroom sink and wonder how to prevent the waste. As an adult, he solved the problem by inventing the Aqus Water Reuse System, which redirects gray water from the bathroom sink to the toilet for flushing.

The original design won numerous awards. The Sloan Valve Company has just released a new model, the Aqus HMA7000, that can save up to 6,000 gallons of water in a two-person household.

Manufactured by the Illinois-based Sloan Valve Company, the small-scale water reuse system has a redesigned look and feel, installs in less than one hour, and is compatible with most dual-flush and one-piece toilets on the market.

Aqus uses sink water that's been filtered and disinfected. It can be retrofitted without replacing the existing bathroom sink or toilet. The system doesn't mix used and fresh water and requires chlorine tablets to control bacteria and other contaminants. After passing through a screen and chlorine, a 5.5-gallon tank holds the collected water and when the toilet is flushed, it will use about 65 percent reclaimed water and 35 percent fresh water.

"It's designed to be invisible. Once you close the lid of the toilet, you don't see it anymore," said Mark Sanders, inventor and product line manager for water reuse for Sloan Valve Co. "This is one of those really simple devices that will make people rethink the use of reclaimed water."

Sustainable Industries magazine named the Aqus system a 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products award winner. In addition, PM Engineer magazine awarded Aqus as one of its 2010 Products of the Year.

"Providing products that improve water efficiency is very important to Sloan," says Sherry Davenport, executive director of marketing for Sloan Valve Co. "The Aqus water reuse system directly aligns with our company mission to passionately preserve the environment."

For more details on installation, watch this Sloan Valve Co. video.


(Faucet photo courtesy of Moen. Aqus photo and video courtesy of Sloan Valve Co.)

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