Wasting Water is Weird is new Kohler message

| by Teena Hammond
Wasting Water is Weird is new Kohler message

Kohler is launching a national public service campaign to target water conservation.

The campaign, titled Wasting Water is Weird, will run through December and it focuses on teaching consumers about water conservation efforts such as running a faucet while brushing teeth, or running an almost empty dishwasher. Within the next five years, experts predict that 36 states will face serious water shortages, and yet, each American uses about 100 gallons per day, according to Kohler.

That is the rationale behind the PSA campaign, which is supported by Kohler and other coalition sponsors including Lowe's, Bosch home appliances, Proctor & Gamble and the EPA's WaterSense program.

The Wasting Water Is Weird PSA campaign takes a fresh approach away from gloom-and-doom messaging in favor of a more positive, humorous tone to help make consumers make conscious choices. The central figure is a fictitious "weird" man referred to as Rip the Drip, who "shows up" while people are going about their daily activities and begin wasting water. While using more water than they need, these homeowners are then exposed to Rip and that's when they realize they are wasting water — and that wasting water is weird — so they abruptly stop.

The new public service campaign includes a series of video PSAs for broadcast coverage, a web site, social media, and outdoor and online advertising. Individuals are encouraged to visit WastingWaterIsWeird.com to learn about Rip and the campaign, and view the videos. They can also go to Facebook to see Rip the Drip, and follow him on Twitter @RipTheDrip.com.

"Kohler has a large stake in the availability of clean, safe water. And we understand the importance to educate homeowners about reducing water usage," said Rob Zimmerman, water conservation and sustainability manager for Kohler Co. "We need Americans to take personal responsibility and shift their behaviors from passively thinking about how to save water to proactively taking action, such as installing high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and faucets."

After winning back-to-back WaterSense Partner of the Year awards in 2008 and 2009, Kohler received a 2010 Excellence Award for its efforts to bring together industry leaders and bolster the WaterSense program.

For more information, see our Water Saving Devices research center.

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