What you need to know about handling waste from home renovation projects

What you need to know about handling waste from home renovation projects

If you've gone through a major remodeling project, you know that getting rid of the discarded materials and debris can be a major headache.

It's a problem during most renovations. Around 71 percent of homeowners in a recent survey said they remodel their homes to use less energy and water. But ironically, the remodeling process itself isn’t automatically eco-friendly.

From filling up the landfill with usable items to substantial energy use, you may end up creating more pollution during a kitchen remodel or living room redesign than you realize.

If you're already making an effort to reduce your carbon footprint at home, it's essential to ensure that the actual renovations you perform won't cancel out the positive impact of the final result.

Don't forget recycling

One of the last things on someone's mind when remodeling a home is what they should do with the old material. Being preoccupied with the progress of your home renovation is certainly understandable. Once it's all done and you have a pile of old tiles, cabinets, drywall, copper wire, and fabric lying around the house, you might be tempted just to throw it all away. However, this is the worst possible idea. So, what should you do?

Most discarded material left over from your renovation project can be recycled. Anything from your old porcelain tub to that dusty, musty old couch from your basement can be re-used in some fashion.

Recycling contributes significantly to helping the world's energy consumption problems by reducing the effort to source new materials. Also, it reduces the impact of industry on the environment. Recycling can even kick back some cash into your wallet. Here's how:

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