Why You Should Break the Bottled Water Habit

Why You Should Break the Bottled Water Habit

In the U.S. we drank 11.7 billion gallons of bottled water last year, on average 36.5 gallons per person. Americans discard 79 million plastic bottles every single day and water bottles make up a big portion of that. Avoiding buying bottled water is, therefore, one of the simplest ways to cut back our plastic waste.

We often make the mistake of thinking that as long as we recycle our plastic, we are not doing any harm to the environment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although recycling enables us to reuse plastic on other products, during the recycling process plastic is downcycled, meaning it can only be remade into a lower grade plastic. For certain products new, freshly made plastic is still necessary so the production of plastic continues.

So if we want to have a greener household, a good place to start is by not recycling but reducing the plastic we use.

The reason one buys bottled water it is because it is considered healthier and safer. More than 25 percent of bottled water comes from a municipal supply though which means that it is basically just filtered tap water. So if we want to stop buying bottled water our alternative is quite simple: we can install a water filtration system and filter our own tap water.

Probably the first thought of the majority is when hearing about the installation of water filtration systems is “What would this cost?” While they can cost several hundred dollars, but it is still a good deal. Bottled water can cost up to 2000 times more than tap water, which means that once a filtration system is installed it is basically paying for itself. Instead of paying for every single bottle you fill you just have to pay upfront.

Filtering your own water is, therefore, a way to live a more sustainable life without the inconvenience, the sacrifice and the extra costs. If you need some more convincing that this is the right way to go, take a look at the following infographic, the statistics speak for themselves.


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