Why Your Home Needs Controlled Lighting

Why Your Home Needs Controlled Lighting

There is a seemingly infinite list of ways that you can customize and personalize your home. One of the most popular is automating the interior and exterior lighting. In addition to providing a unique touch to your home, it is also good for the environment. Here are four reasons why using controlled lighting is a smart move for any homeowner.

It’s Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

Having an automated, controlled lighting system in your home isn’t a huge expense, nor is it a big undertaking. There are just a few components that you’ll want to consider before installing one yourself or enlisting help from a professional. Most importantly, you'll want to know how to create the right environment in your home — which lights are on and which are off, and their level of brightness. This style of lighting, versus traditional on-and-off switch-style lighting, allows homeowners to adjust the amount of light coming from the lighting device.

Energy.gov suggests keeping the following principles in mind when designing the lighting for the interior and exterior of your home:


  • Create light quality instead light quantity.
  • Use tasks lights when possible to help reduce ambient light in other areas of the home.
  • Install energy-efficient lighting components, like dimmers, motion sensors and timers.


  • Use lighting to create an aesthetically pleasing design by illuminating the house and landscaping.
  • Add security by lighting the grounds near the house, including the driveway.
  • Give visitors a safe path to and from the house by providing well-lit entryways and parking areas.

Automated lighting can help save money on energy bills, as homeowners use less energy around the home when the lights know when to automatically turn off — like when you’re not in the room. In fact, by ditching your traditional light switch, you can cut wasted electricity by as much as 30 percent. It’s a smart choice for the eco-conscious, modern homeowner.

Controlled Lighting Provides Security

A well-lit home is a safer home. For instance, homes that use controlled lighting solutions are targeted less by burglars, according to a survey conducted by Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation. In addition to lighting, an Urban Institute study shows that home security systems with cameras can keep thieves away, too. The two systems working together create an even better defense against home invasion. If you’re looking to outfit your home and increase your family’s safety, consider investing in a high-definition security system that can capture important details like faces, or license plates.

Controlled Lighting Is Convenient

Most automated lighting systems can be controlled conveniently via your smartphone, giving you total control of the lighting around your home from the palm of your hand. Some lighting systems offer light schedules, away-from-home controls, wake-up lighting options, ambiance lighting choices fit for dinner parties, reading and more. Wake-up lighting options are not only convenient, but they can benefit your health, too. Gentle lighting mimicking the natural rise of the sun can wake you up from your sleep naturally, rather than waking up to a beeping alarm.

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