Wiser Energy System Empowers Home Owners to Manage their Energy Use

Wiser Energy System Empowers Home Owners to Manage their Energy Use

As energy costs continue to rise and time of use tariffs evolve, home owners are demanding a solution that gives them insights about their home energy use.

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, announced the Wiser Energy System, an integrated energy monitoring system that allows residential users to manage their energy use. A must-have for any energy-efficient home, Wiser Energy solutions provide real-time, easy-to-understand, actionable data to help home owners manage their energy costs making their home greener, efficient and wiser. 

The Wiser Energy System provides clear, easy-to-understand charts and graphics that will give home owners insight into how and where their energy is spent enabling them to modify their usage habits and save money. Homeowners with solar installations will be able to monitor energy generation and understand the real-time impact of solar on their energy bill. Electric vehicle (EV) owners will learn the cost of charging their cars at different times of the day helping them optimize their charging costs.

 “With more states moving toward variable rate plans and surge pricing, when energy is consumed is almost as important as how much energy is used,” said Christopher Keefe, future offer manager, Schneider Electric. “Wiser Energy is the only fully integrated residential monitoring system designed to make it easier for residential users to monitor and manage home energy usage and costs. The system is solar and EV ready to ensure Life is On for residential users regardless of their energy source or needs.”

Electrical contractors and solar installers can use the Wiser Energy System to monitor their customers’ energy consumption and solar power generation and remotely diagnose issues. This visibility enables them to reduce their service time and costs and improve customer satisfaction. The Wiser Energy System is designed for both new installation and retrofit applications and can be easily combined with Square D by Schneider Electric electrical systems and home protective devices.

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