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Self-Regulating Radiant Heating System’s Innovation Demonstrated

Due to the self-regulating properties of the STEP system, the molecular structure of the heating elements only allow the consumption of energy that is needed to maintain the heat at a given location.

Unclogging Spray Can Nozzles

Clogged spray nozzles shouldn’t mean you throw out the can; this creates waste and costs more. There are a number of quick fix solutions you can try to get your nozzles back in action in no time at all.

Subflooring Secrets for Squeakless Floors

Builders know that squeaky floors are on of the most common reasons for call backs. And they can be real pain to fix. The best approach is to avoid squeaks in the first place by using a few subflooring secrets of the best pro builders. Here are a few qualities you should look for in subflooring to help ensure quiet, stiff floors.

Home Energy Use Will Be Part of the Mortgage Process

Industry experts tell me it won't be long until energy use for a home will be part of the mortgage approval process.

Seven Ways to Go Green This Summer

Doing your part to help Mother Nature while reducing two of your biggest monthly costs – energy and food – provides instant gratification. Consider some of these ways to go green this summer.

Q&A with Green Builder Carl Seville

An interview with Carl Seville of SKCollaborative, a green home rater and experienced green building trainer and consultant about his perspective on the importance of continuous insulation and managing moisture in the walls of high performance homes.

Baby boomers and millennials have this in common when it comes to home customization

It’s easy to identify the differences between millennials and baby boomers in many ways, but it might be surprising to learn that there are also many similarities when it comes to these groups’ buying habits.

Why High End Homes Need To Think Ventilation First

Ventilation is part of a strategy to maintain a high quality indoor living environment. Your high end home should be adding to your quality of life, not increasing your chances of poor health. There are three elements to a good indoor air quality strategy: ventilate, eliminate and filtrate.

How Do Condensing Water Heaters Work?

If you're looking for a energy-efficient water heater option, check out the gas condensing units available in tank and tankless models.

Invention of Self-Regulating, Low-Voltage Radiant Heating is Just the Beginning

Electro Plastics, Inc. (EPI) (dba STEP Warmfloor) invented the only low-voltage, flat, homogeneous self-regulating Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater in the world, but that is just the beginning: it still needs a stronger government and industry recognition.

Fiberglass Batt Installation Tips

When you combine advanced framing techniques with fiberglass batt insulation, you can get better thermal performance that saves you money. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your insulation.

Green Gab Podcast | Being Comfortable in Your Home

As we toured homes in search of ours, many of the sales people would proudly point out the HERS rating for the home, yet did not know how to explain how that would affect our living experience in that home.

ICFs Support Fortified Homes Certification

As severe weather events seem to become more common, homeowners are becoming more interested in storm resilient homes.

An easy DIY project that adds curb appeal and lasting value

No matter the architectural style of your home, you can add your own personal touch with a relatively easy change. If you’re an advanced DIY-er, this one’s for you!

Early Applications of Nanoparticles Warmed Drivers’ Bottoms

Often times, the early use of an invention is far different than what the future holds for it. Such is the case for nano particles and their Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) properties.

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

To understand the concept of heat pump (HPWH) or hybrid water heater, imagine a refrigerator working in reverse.

How to Flash Windows to Avoid Leaks

For builders looking for a way to keep water from entering a home, flexible flashing tape can seal problem areas like windows.

Builders Can Tap Into ICF Training

As building codes become stricter in many states, building pros can take advantage of free educational opportunities to keep pace.

Green Gab Podcast | The Tools for My Home – Appliances!

Appliances help us do so many things in our homes from food prep and storage to all sorts of cleaning tasks in our households. It’s an added benefit when these appliances do even more than just their job by doing it with less energy, water and/or resources.

Project Management for Comfort from Kitchen to HVAC

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’m a big fan of good project management. My wife and I know what we want the home we’re building to feel like to live in, but with all the new technology, building products and techniques available, we have really focused on the results we want and sought out experts to guide us.

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