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How to Pick the Right Ladder

When you are working at height, your ladder is your foundation. Selecting the right ladder for the job will ensure the safety of your crew on the jobsite. Height is your first consideration when selecting a ladder, but you must also pay attention to the kind of material it’s made of and its duty rating.

A Balanced Approach to Eco-Friendly Construction

I’ve often talked about planning ahead as we’ve been building our eco-friendly home in Connecticut. Planning isn’t all looking at the future, though.

Green Gab Podcast | The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well

Gabbing with Kellye Markowski with Energy Smart Homes - a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project management.

Cold Weather Construction with ICFs

In many climate zones, cold weather can delay construction with concrete. When the temperature drops, it's often best to delay a pour. But insulated concrete forms solve most if not all the problems of cold weather construction.

Solar Water Heater Basics

For areas of the country such as California that are committed to reducing carbon emissions, solar water heaters are a great way to reduce environmental impact.

Benefits of a Continuously Ventilated Bathroom

Does your bathroom have mold growth around the shower, cabinets, and fixtures? Does your bathroom have stale air, excessive odors, or a musty smell? Common problems like these may be affecting your bathroom without you even realizing. Here are the facts about these issues and how to fix them before they start harming your indoor air quality.

Balance, Learning, and Clarity Yield Results

Our eco-friendly home project is a balance using building practices and materials that maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Selling? Here’s how to Compete with New Homes on the Market

If you are about to put your older home on the market, you will have to compete with new builds in your area. There are some things you can do to improve your competitive edge. Spending a few dollars on some carefully-chosen renovations can earn you more in the long run and ensure that your home sells quickly.

Green Gab Podcast | The 3rd R – Recycling

Recycling is a first step or gateway to greener living and often the first action that leads to others. As recycling has become more a part of our daily habits, we can now ask “What next?”

Sealing Air Leaks in Your Building Envelope

Air leaks can be prevented in new builds and with retrofitted solutions in existing buildings. Creating an effective building envelope is the best way to reduce energy bills. Air leaks start at the foundation where small imperfections create gaps where air can flow into the home.

Collaboration, Planning, and Professionals

When our foundation was being poured I was already talking to people about how I could save energy and money using new framing techniques and materials.

Green Gab Podcast | The Stuff our Homes Are Made of – Resources and Materials

Using resources – materials and products - wisely is a key practice of green building and includes practices ranging from optimizing use of resources to choosing durable materials that will stand the test of time and offer lower maintenance.

Green Gab Podcast | Dreaming Your Home – How to Dream It, Plan It and Pay for It

Building or finding your dream home is a goal for many of us. For me it is building or renovating the green home of my dreams. So, it is important to understand not only how to pay for our dream home, yet also how to plan for it.

Understanding Structured Plumbing®

ACT, Inc. has developed a one-hour online free course through a Green CE Continuing Education Program.

Are There Any Gaseous Emissions From OSB?

Is OSB a safe building material? I think the real question behind this is about formaldehyde.

Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Mold, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and pollen are all common indoor air pollutants. Many of these are also common asthma and allergy triggers. Adequate ventilation and filtration of incoming air are essential in mitigating exposure.

Two Green Thumbs Up For Massachusetts

I knew I was in for a treat when I signed up for a weekend in Western Massachusetts.

Green Gab Podcast | Breathe Well – A Conversation About the Air You Breathe in Your Home

All of us want to breathe well in our homes. Yet often, the indoor air quality or the indoor environment, may not be allowing us to breathe as well as we want. There are immediate actions all of us can take to breathe well in our homes.

Selecting ENERGY STAR Compliant Door Glass

The ENERGY STAR rating is earned by products that save energy and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Gab Podcast | Energy Independence with Brilliance

Gabbing about lighting and how it is brilliant – both in beauty and practicality.

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