3 sustainable trends in flooring

| by Sean Canning
3 sustainable trends in flooring

As a California architect in his late 20's, I stay on the cutting edge of green design to provide more value to my clients than my competition.

Here are some flooring trends that are also green:

  1. Does your home/building sit on a concrete slab? Clean it and apply a sealer for an industrial, low-resource solution. Concrete is incredibly durable and maintenance free. Make sure you use a no-VOC sealant to improve indoor air quality above the quality of a conventional carpeted space.
  2. Cork flooring makes a great replacement for carpet. This flooring, made from the bark of trees, is soft to the step and will improve room acoustical quality in a way comparable to a carpet counterpart.
  3. Bamboo grows at an incredible rate — as does it's popularity in flooring. Bamboo is a great replacement for wood flooring because it is comparable in aesthetic but doesn't share the same 20-plus year lifespan as trees. The common misconception is that bamboo is a wood when in fact it is a grass. Think about how often you cut your grass as opposed to how often you need to cut a tree down because it's grown too big. The flooring is offered at a rip-cut (with grain) or cross-cut (perpendicular across grain) pattern. Be sure to install a hard ply for flooring which is based mostly on the age of the bamboo at the time of harvest.

Sean Canning is a LEED AP architect at 10/70 architecture.

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Sean Canning
Sean is a California Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional. He owns 10|70architecture and specializes in process-based modern and contemporary architecture. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Project Management from San Diego State University. He has multiple certifications from the Building Performance Institute and was named the 2011 chair of the USGBC Emerging Professionals Committee.

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