5 energy-saving household appliances

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5 energy-saving household appliances

Saving energy from everyday household appliances is no more just a personal concern corresponding to expense but as we are aware already, this has far reaching implications on environment, nature and sources of energy.

Because of the rising concern for saving energy from home appliances, lots of household appliances are increasingly becoming energy efficient. In fact, being energy efficient is one of the prime selling points of many of these tech gizmos. Choosing the most energy efficient appliance for every household use is crucial not only for saving the excess cost on energy but also for smooth maintenance, assuring better durability and functional ease. Here we show how to choose energy efficient products for every home appliance use.

1. Energy Saving Dishwashers

Typically an aged dishwasher that has been is in use for more than 10 or 15 years uses at least 5 times more water than most of the current energy efficient models. It also uses more electricity. Today's smart dishwasher models offer you savings. Before buying one dishwasher look for the energy saving capacity of the gadget in detail and compare them with other available brands. Remember even if a dishwasher seems costlier compared to others but is really advanced in respect to saving energy, it would actually prove to be cheaper with low energy consumption and running cost.

2. Energy Efficient Freezers

Freezers among all the home appliances typically consume a fairly larger share of energy. Just by replacing your old freezer with a new and energy efficient one you can instantly see this difference. A state of the art energy efficient freezer will save at least 10% to 20% of your electricity bill spent on home appliances compared to any freezer that has been in use for more than a decade.

3. Energy Efficient Tumble Dryers

While choosing energy efficient tumble dryer there is lot of options with varying range of energy saving specifications. All tumble dryers have energy rating stars shown on the label signifying their energy saving capacity. After selecting  the size and type of dryer, look for the a dryer that would be the cheapest to run.

4. Energy Saving Washing Machines 

Top loading washing machines maybe a little cheaper as far as buying cost is concerned but they have a higher running cost because they consume more energy. On the other hand, front loading ones are more energy efficient though reasonably they cost a little higher. Read the label carefully where the energy efficiency level of that particular model is mentioned in kWh and an estimated annual operating cost. 

5.  Cheap to Run Washing Dryers

Your old dryer that's been running for years is responsible for a good share of your daily power and water consumption. There are lots of options to replace them with new energy efficient ones for lowering the running cost.

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