6 reasons to specify Knauf Insulation products on your next building project

| by Scott Miller
6 reasons to specify Knauf Insulation products on your next building project

Ensure your building meets the performance and sustainability benchmarks you want by specifying Knauf Insulation products. Architects, engineers, certified specifiers and homeowners can rely on the Knauf family of products to satisfy requirements in these six areas:

  1. Thermal performance. Knauf Insulation’s EcoSeal® System creates a tight building envelope that stops moisture and air leaks and contributes to energy savings, helping builders meet the higher standards of today’s energy codes.
  2. Acoustics. The Knauf Insulation family of products provides high sound absorption. For example, Jet Stream® Ultra Blowing Insulation improves Sound Transmission Class ratings by 4 to 10 points.
  3. Fire safety. Glasswool insulation, such as Knauf Insulation’s EcoBatt® Glasswool, does not burn.
  4. Installation. Knauf Insulation materials are easy to procure and install. EcoSeal® Sealant, a water-based elastomeric spray, has a short curing time, and other trades can work on a home at the same time and follow quickly behind after application.
  5. Transparency. Knauf has accepted the call from the market for greater transparency, with life-cycle assessments and Environmental Product Declarations from UL, which allow you to compare the environmental impact of different products. In the Declare Product Database, you’ll find Knauf Insulation products that are “Red List Free,” because they don’t have any of more than a dozen materials or chemicals that can be harmful to humans.
  6. Optimization. Knauf Insulation is an industry leader in using post-consumer recycled content, saving energy by upcycling material such as glass bottles. Knauf Insulation also uses ECOSE® Technology, with a formaldehyde-free binder based on rapidly renewable materials, instead of petro-based chemicals.

Find information for specifiers, architects and engineers on the Knauf Insulation website, www.knaufinsulation.us.

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Scott Miller
Scott Miller is Dir. of Sustainability and Product Affairs at Knauf Insulation North America. He is responsible for analyzing sustainability projects & life cycle assessment of Knauf products. A mechanical engineer by training, Scott holds several U.S. and International patents relating to insulation and is a recognized expert regarding the assessment of insulation materials.

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