A Balanced Approach to Eco-Friendly Construction

| by Dave Sweet
A Balanced Approach to Eco-Friendly Construction

I’ve often talked about planning ahead as we’ve been building our eco-friendly home in Connecticut. Planning isn’t all looking at the future, though. We’ve tracked every expense, thinking about an old Navy saying, “Plan your dive, and dive your plan”. Unnoticed expenses can make you give up something down the road. We also talk about balance; eco-friendly, but not such that the result is more lab than home. We are determined to save money where possible, but careful to ensure we end up with an enjoyable, comfortable home.

Planning also includes taking advantage of opportunities, like visiting the Energize CT Center in North Haven, Connecticut where great interactive exhibits covered many things I needed to learn about. If you’re planning a project, look both online and locally for similar educational information.

The outer shell of our home really determined how much we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint and save energy. The entire package of sheathing, insulation, roofing and foundation walls that create the building envelope had to be planned properly to ensure our family’s comfort all year round. I designed a system that includes both a ventilated “cool roof” and a continuous layer of insulation from foundation to roof deck, and back down to the foundation. We created both air and water control layers on walls and roofing, and insulated the foundation walls. There’s an air gap from soffit vents to roof vents, and both roof and wall insulation includes two layers of ridged polyisocyanurate paper-faced insulation with staggered joints, foamed and taped between.

Of course, even as all this excitement was taking shape we were already anticipating the next stages of the process - installing solar panels, electrical systems and mechanical systems! It’s all about balancing priorities, budgets, and time!

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