A place that inspires

| by Kelly Emerine
A place that inspires

After too long of a hiatus from blogging, I am back with lots of good information to share! Weare getting close to breaking ground on the Idea House, and I am loving making all of the selections for the house. Aesthetically, I know exactly what I want the house to look like. The tricky part is making sure that the choices we make are legitimately green and eco-friendly while also not being price prohibitive. Although, the green market is vast and growing, it is still very difficult for our local vendors to keep up with the newest technologies. Because of these products being so new to our market, some of our vendors have never even heard of things I'm asking to use. It can be frustrating, but ultimately, it is exciting because we know we are really bringing a new idea and way of living to our area.

The most exciting event in this process of developing Magnolia Farms has been our recent visit to Serenbe. The Serenbe community, just outside of Atlanta, is an awe-inspiring and beautiful place to visit. I encourage you to visit their website at www.serenbe .com and to start planning your trip now.

They have a gorgeous inn where you can stay, amazing restaurant choices, and the friendliest little town center around. We were so lucky to meet with the incredibly gracious Director of the Serenbe Institute, John Graham, who showed us around and answered all questions we had about their development.

The folks at Serenbe are doing green with style. If we can be as successful in our endeavors with Magnolia Farms as they have been in theirs, we will be very fortunate. I kept saying, "It looks like the set of a movie!" It didn't seem like real people lived there because it seemed too perfect. But after visiting the small boutiques, the Blue-Eyed Daisy Bakery for the most incredible pimento cheese, and shopping in the General Store I knew it was real and the residents and visitors had found a very special place.

So, as we consider our mandates on how our homes will be built in Magnolia Farms and how we want our town to feel, we will definitely reflect fondly our our inspiring trip to Serenbe. We also all agreed that we can't wait to go back!

Companies: Serenbe Sustainable Community

Kelly Emerine
Kelly Emerine is the marketing director for Magnolia Farms in Elizabethtown, Ky. Magnolia Farms will be the first eco-friendly development of it's kind in Kentucky. With nine years of experience working in new construction and real estate, she is excited to combine her passion for homes with her interest in non-toxic, eco-friendly living. Kelly graduated from the University of Kentucky and is a proud mother of twin girls, wife, business owner and entrepreneur.

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