A race against the cold

| by Dave Sweet
A race against the cold

As far as winters go, we’ve been pretty lucky over these past several years with fewer snowstorms and milder temperatures overall. But it looks like this winter could be a colder one, and I need to get the insulation on my new home buttoned up before the snow arrives.

Luckily I’m working on the last piece of my insulation system, which would be the interior insulation. As you know, I’ve been using advanced wall construction techniques in the design of my new home. When the system is complete, I’ll have an envelope that allows for near-complete control of the indoor temperature, which means my wife and I will have a better seat at the table when it comes to facilitating indoor comfort.

For the interior insulation, I’m using a product called Roxul ComfortBatt. It’s a mineral wool product - that is, an inert material made from ground up stone. Roxul is a great product - it doesn’t absorb moisture or support combustion, and mold and mildew don’t grow on it. In addition, it’s also great for colder climates. I want moisture to be able to work its way out of my home, and Roxul will facilitate that. It’s also not itchy like fiberglass insulation.

Once the interior insulation is complete, all of the space inside of my new home, from the basement to the roof rafters, will be conditioned space. My mechanical systems and ductwork will be in conditioned space too, which will put less of a strain on the systems and allow me to optimize my indoor comfort.

I think we’ll definitely manage to beat the cold. What do you think about my insulation system? Join the conversation and let us know!

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