A SparkLED Holiday

| by Marla Esser Cloos
A SparkLED Holiday

This year I treated myself to a new tree for the holidays and new lights were needed too. Of course LED lights were the plan, so off to the store I went. I was a bit surprised by how many traditional holiday lights were still available and they did cost less than their LED counterparts. I was pleased to see many other savvy shoppers choosing LEDs. I figured never again searching for the one light bulb that takes down my entire strand of traditional lights is enough of a reason for me to buy only LED holiday lights.

The LED choices for my tree were a little daunting and they were only about half of the light selection. So many choices for the LED sparkle for my tree, all different sizes, shapes and colors. After some design deliberation, I choose a set of crystal-looking medium sized bulbs. I did have to go back for a second strand since I’d not realized how many lights I would need on my new tree. I’m pleased to report they look stunning.  

SparkLED holiday lights are a wonderful choice and well worth the extra investment, especially since they will essentially pay for themselves over time:    

  • They last a really long time, which means fewer replacements and a better investment per holiday season.  The ones I just bought will last up to 25,000 hours or about 15 holiday seasons.  
  • They use a tiny fraction of the electricity compared to traditional lights.  I bought Energy Star lights and they will use about 80% less electricity than traditional holiday lights.  
  • A lot of strands can be connected together if needed.  Since they use a lot less electricity, more of them can be on the same circuit.  BE SURE to check the number of strands or total wattage needed for all the connected strands and the size of the circuit. Consult a professional if you are unsure.

For any holiday lights you are looking to get rid of, please recycle them if at all possible. Many areas offer holiday light recycling and you can search the internet for locations near you. Have a sparkLED holiday!

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Marla Esser Cloos
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