Alchemy Oxidized Iron Paint

| by Austin Young
Alchemy Oxidized Iron Paint

Projects like the Arado weeHouse or the Johnson Creek weeHouse are known for their oxidized exteriors which appear reminiscent of weathering steel. Although Alchemy has used weathering steel in several other project details, oxidizing paint offers a more cost effective option and can be used as a durable application where corten steel might not be as feasible.

Oxidizing paint requires a three part process: A primer which protects the underlying material, a paint that appears as a dark matte grey, and an activator that when sprayed transitions the matte grey to a bright rust. The concentration of the activator can be adjusted and the amount of activator applied both affect the resulting intensity of the rust.

The variability in patina permits a wide range of colors and allows a single application method to be a personal accent to many of our projects. If you have questions about the paint that we use or any of our projects contacts us at [email protected].

Topics: Prefabricated Homes / Systems Built Homes / Modular Homes

Austin Young
As a student at the University of Minnesota, Austin has had the opportunity to get to know some of the Alchemy designers before interning at the firm. His past work includes a Research Assistantship detailing the impact of the physical environment on individuals with OCD. He is also the Co-Director of the University of Minnesota’s Freedom By Design Chapter. www

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