An introduction to energy efficient windows

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An introduction to energy efficient windows

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Being environmentally conscious is smart for a number of reasons-- you can save money, help the environment, and you may find a number of different benefits that you may not have considered previously. Take for instance: energy efficient windows, and more specifically, fiberglass windows.  As more homeowners look to go green at home in almost every way--roof, siding, and, yes, windows--fiberglass and energy efficient windows have experienced a boost in popularity. For those who are seeking to integrate green technology into their home or business, energy efficient windows are a great starting point and preliminary step.

Impact on Environment

First and foremost, fiberglass windows require vastly less resources to manufacture and produce than something like vinyl or other forms of synthetic windows. Given its minimal expenditure, this ultimately leads to less of an overall impact on the environment. While you can certainly pair a fiberglass window with a wooden frame, it is not at all required. In fact, most often fiberglass or energy efficient windows are reinforced with a mechanical frame, reducing and eliminating the need to utilize naturally occurring parts to craft any aperture.  

Energy Savings

The impact (or lack thereof) on the environment is certainly a bonus, but everyday homeowners, who have seen outrageous energy bills, are concerned primarily with this question: will energy efficient windows save me money? As it turns out, homeowners who make the switch to a more energy efficient option have seen energy savings in all four seasons of the year. One of the main ways energy efficient windows can help homeowners’ energy bills is due to its ability to retain interior air longer than other forms of windows and reduce the escape of ambient air while preventing an influx of exterior or foreign air. Basically, when you cool your home or business, it stays cooler longer and requires less energy. Similar results manifest when it comes to heating. The need for less energy translates to less of a requirement for heating, whether gas or electric, and this saves money over the long term.

Worth a Long Time Investment?

Whenever you make a substantial change to your home, whether it’s remodeling your kitchen, renovating your home office, there is always that one nagging question: how long will this last? Will I end up doing the same project in just a few months or years? When you replace your windows, you’ll want to make sure this replacement lasts, and when or if you make the switch to fiberglass windows, you can expect exceptional durability.

For instance, fiberglass can withstand a degradation process five to eight times longer than wood and vinyl products. Furthermore, by making the switch to fiberglass you may be ridding yourself of any unnecessary hassles or headaches. Wood, though a fine traditional and rustic choice, can warp over time; whereas fiberglass windows are highly flexible and often reinforced with mechanical technology that reduces the need for natural products, while assuring quality performance and reducing defects.

Another thing worth considering when it comes to energy efficient windows is their durability and how well they fare during the harshest of climates. When faced with a huge winter storm, fiberglass windows are far more impervious to various forms of moisture, further reducing the risk of inundation or drafts in the most trying of conditions. In addition, varying types of energy efficient windows are known to able to withstand gale force winds.

Power is in Your Hands!

Homeowners can now take solace in the fact that you can go green and save money, too. Ultimately, fiberglass windows are a true source of energy efficiency and a premier home or business window solution for those looking to save a buck, help the environment and acquire a true quality product, too.

Bio: Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Paul writes for the Marvin Windows NJ blog and strives to educate people about “green” products such as metal roofing and solar. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov.

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