An Introduction to VIS VIVA

| by Lance Beaton
An Introduction to VIS VIVA

This is my ?rst Proud Green Home article. I am glad to be here sharing with y?all. I am from Georgia. Not originally (Michigan), but I really, really like it here. I am going to stay. So, to assimilate, I now refer to people collectively as y?all. I also gratuitously use the phrases yes ma?am and yes-sir, I just like saying them. There is a simple courteousness here that I ?nd comforting.

I never gave much thought growing up to things like comfort, health, safety, energy ef?ciency....all of which can now be summed up best as home performance. I do home performance now. I have been doing it for the last 5 years since getting my MBA, where I wrote a plan to start a comprehensive home and building performance company that has become VIS VIVA Energy and Services ( Home performance is a fascinating ?eld.

This climate is a lot different than where I grew up. Growing up, we had a wood burningstove in the basement. All summer long we would head out to the woods to chop woodthat would get us through the winter. I remember it more fondly now, I hated it at the time...swampy low-lands, four wheelers pulling a trailer and getting stuck, mosquitos the size of a ?ngernail, a faithful dog always close by. I did enjoy the excitement of the tree making that ?rst cracking sound before watching it fall to the ground. My father was simply living sustainably. His motivation was not climate change. With the wisdom of time, and having become a father myself, I now know my father mostly wanted his four boys out in the woods hanging with him, talking, laughing, occasionally yelling and maybe giving us a small taste of what it meant to work hard in uncomfortable conditions. These experiences have helped me understand life a little better now that I am a parent. It has also helped me greatly when working in 110 degree attics, nasty crawlspaces, spider bites, lacerations....the life of a home performance professional.

In my childhood home, my room was directly above the wood burning furnace. I nevergave it much thought. I would fall asleep with the room above 90 degrees. I slept with my window wide open most winters. That was until about 4 am, when the ?re was burnt down to the ashes. And I would wake up freezing and shut the window. Then my father would get up, re-stock it about 5am when he got up for work and a half hour later, I was hot again. So was life.

We expect more out of our homes now. We expect them to have a stable temperature. We expect them to be free of harmful products like carbon monoxide and lead. We expect them to cost us less to operate but we want them to be big and spacious. We want them to be in the summer and in the winter. We want them to be just right.

Having led or participated in more than 1500 home and building performance projects these last few years. I am ready to share with you the things I have learned in the ?eld. Hopefully, some of these things will help you in your efforts to achieve the perfect home.

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Lance Beaton
Lance Beaton is the Owner of VIS VIVA Energy and Services, a leading home and building performance contractor located in Atlanta, GA. Prior to starting VIS VIVA, Lance worked for leading companies Ford Motor Company and Siemens Energy and Automation. Lance holds a BSBA w/ a double major in Logistics and Marketing from Central Michigan University and an MBA from Georgia College and State University. As a contributing Proud Green Home ACE, Lance enthusiastically shares his knowledge and experience wwwView Lance Beaton's profile on LinkedIn

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