Ask the Expert: Wastewater treatment systems to save on utility bills

| by Tom Smith
Ask the Expert: Wastewater treatment systems to save on utility bills

ProudGreenHome: How do I reduce summer utility bills?

Tom Smith:

Homeowners with decentralized wastewater treatment systems can save on their utility bill year round by using a peat fiber biofilter rather than an aerobic treatment unit.

The peat fiber biofilter will have monthly electric costs of $0.90 versus $1.50 for a typical recirculation media filter with a 10 amp pump. A typical aerobic treatment system will cost $18.30 per month in electric usage costs assuming a 3 amp blower and electricity at $0.11 per kW/h.

Over the 15-year life of the peat in the peat fiber biofilter, the homeowner will save $3,132 ($3,294 - $162) or $208.80 per year.

Peat fiber biofilters do not need any blowers or pumps. They are naturally odor free. Treated effluent emerges from the modules and disperses either into a gravel pad directly below the modules or is collected for dispersal by other methods, including gravel trenches, low-pressure pumping, drip irrigation or other conventional disposal methods.

Additionally, unlike ATUs, peat biofilters do not need to be pumped on a regular basis. As such, peat biofilters are a sustainable, energy saving solution for home, office and community developments.

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith is the former director of operations and marketing at Anua. Tom is driving demand for wastewater treatment, water reuse, rainwater harvesting and odor/VOC control solutions. He has a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business.

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