Balance, Learning, and Clarity Yield Results

| by Dave Sweet
Balance, Learning, and Clarity Yield Results

Our eco-friendly home project is a balance using building practices and materials that maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Even as a pretty knowledgeable guy, I’m a constant learner. My wife and I wanted to take advantage of solar energy, so we did our homework and found information from the University of Tennessee showing the potential was far greater than we had thought. An expert, George Keith of Consulting Engineering Services,  came out to do a solar siting, and his knowledge of how to read the data helped us make the best decisions of how to use the sun’s rays.

I enjoy doing a lot of the work, but I know that if you hire a professional and don’t ask for their thoughts, not just their skills, you miss out. The experts will know exactly how the work they’ll be doing meshes with your intent. They often have ideas you or I wouldn’t even think of!

It’s important for everyone to use the same language. When we say “sustainability”, for instance, we need to consider it as  being conscious of the effects of decisions we make, such as choosing a lumber company that plants trees as part of their overall business model.

“Beneficial landscaping” is another…we’ve used native plantings and shaped the lot to ensure water is diverted where necessary without causing damage.

The “building envelope” is really the continuous structure of framing, insulation, roofing, siding, etc. that defines the space. “Advanced framing” is using practices that, for instance, eliminate cold spots in more traditional framing where roofing meets walls.

Consciousness, planning, and really partnering with the experts has made a huge difference in our project, and will do the same for you!

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