Balance, Systems, and Field Knowledge

| by Dave Sweet
Balance, Systems, and Field Knowledge

"Eco-friendly" simply means a home's design minimizes environmental impacts. Designs differ, such as whether materials are chosen based on how they're sourced or produced, and how they impact the home's carbon footprint.

For our new home my wife and I looked for a balance between sustainability and a comfortable living space. We looked for quality materials, including recycled and other sustainable products, that would help achieve the comfortable living space we wanted. The benefits included greater flexibility, lower costs up front and over time, plus lower maintenance costs.

We opted to focus on ensuring a tight building envelope, so our HERS rating was expected to be 5 on a 100-point scale, nearly a net zero. The right combination of HVAC systems like air-to-air heat exchangers plus multiple layers of insulation and other mechanical systems will regulate the heating, cooling, and circulation of water and air throughout our home. Think of it like cooking- ingredients that blend together well,  prepared in the correct order- means systems were designed for our square footage, and construction methods and systems throughout the home were created and installed in the correct order for maximum give us the type of indoor environment we aimed for.

As always, I urge you to learn from others! I visited Tony Silverio of Silverio Mechanical LLC to learn more about what types of HVAC systems are available for my home, and also went to an AHR Expo where I talked to Jay Egg. Jay provided valuable information about how geothermal heating and cooling works, and the benefits of those systems.

I think you'll find trade shows like the AHR expo are a great place to meet helpful experts like Jay and Tony.

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