Benefits of geothermal radiant heat

| by Kristen Metropoulos

As homeowners and builders look for greater comfort and efficiency, radiant heating is becoming more popular.

Shilai Xie, product manager with Bosch Thermotechnology notes that radiant heat is often used in the floor, or through wall or ceiling mounted radiators that circulate warm water. With a geothermal system, you can tap the energy of the earth to heat and cool your home instead of burning fossil fuels.

The air is heated by the warmth of the material in the heating system, which could be a ceramic tile on the floor or a metal radiator on the wall. The warmth is stable and always on. You have much less of temperature swing and a much more stable heat source.

For radiant heating system you don't have hot air or cold air blowing at you. You are always sensing a very constant temperature.

Also, radiant heating is more comfortable because of indoor air quality. There are no ducts, so you don't have to worry about dust or allergens moving through the ducts.

Radiant heating is quiet. You don't hear the fan motor kicking on and off. There are few moving parts so you may not hear any noise at all.

A radiant heating system is more energy efficient because you don't use fans to move air through the house, and there's no heat loss through the ducts.

Many people who have made the switch to radiant heating wouldn't consider going back to forced air. Take a look at making radiant heating a part of your next home project.

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