Benefits of working with a local standby generator dealer

| by Mike Gersmeyer
Benefits of working with a local standby generator dealer

More and more, the purchase of a home appliance or other major household item can be completed online or in a single visit to the nearest big box store.  It’s a convenience that we’re lucky to have for so many of our home purchases.

Unfortunately, purchasing a standby generator system is a little more involved. Oftentimes, the purchase process of a standby generator system can be overwhelming for homeowners — there are many details to work through and steps to complete. 

But luckily for homeowners, a local professional can be tapped to lead them through every step.

At GE Generator Systems, for example, we provide our customers with a network of more than 1,400 certified dealers nationwide.  These dealers are specifically trained to act as a homeowner’s guide, providing knowledgeable help with product selection, installation and everything in between. 

Here are a few benefits of working with a local standby generator system professional:

Conducting an On-Site Survey to Curb Unexpected Issues

Once a local dealer has been contacted, the dealer will conduct an on-site visit to determine a home’s specific installation needs. The dealer will help determine the generator’s placement on the property and the custom installation work that will need to be done. This could include burying wires underground or adding a concrete pad for the generator to be installed on. The dealer also has knowledge of local permitting needs and safe operation locations your home will have.

Dealer Leads the Install

Because standby generators need to be professionally installed, the dealer will handle the heavy lifting once installation day arrives. In addition to installing the actual generator unit, the dealer will also handle the transfer switch installation and all wiring. The dealer will also test the operation of the unit, too.

Dealer Becomes Your Service and Maintenance Professional

Your installation dealer will also stay in contact with you throughout the lifespan of the generator to follow up on any ongoing needs your generator may require. Routine service or unexpected maintenance can be handled by your local dealer to help ensure your home generator system is always operating at peak performance when it is called upon in a power outage.

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