Bring in the New Year with Hot Water

| by Jens Bolleyer
Bring in the New Year with Hot Water

If your household is like many others, the holidays bring your kids home from college, often with friends, and a handful of relatives eager to enjoy the outdoors.  Skating, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling work up a sweat while cooling down the body.  Nothing better after romping in the ice and snow than a long hot shower.  Make sure you have enough hot water for everyone with a booster electric, tankless water heater or two.  

They are easily installed, require no ventilation and need just a standard electrical outlet.  And they fit right under the bathroom sink or in a nearby closet. Tankless water heaters are very energy efficient: they only use energy when there is a demand for hot water.  They are a perfect complement to your tank water heater in the basement.  

Check out the many options and features of electric, point-of-use, tankless water heaters at

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