Build a basement wall that will last

| by Brett Oakley
Build a basement wall that will last

Strong buildings start with strong foundations. And a foundation compromised by water leads to a weak building and dissatisfied customers.

A well-designed basement waterproofing system that includes foundation drainage, foundation membrane and drainage board can offer up to 50- to 60-year warranties.

That period can cover a lot of variables in the weather. Some regions have experienced record rainfall and snowfall, at the 500- and even 1,000-year levels like South Carolina experienced in October 2015. When some of those buildings were built 20 or more years ago, who would have anticipated such rare events? I wouldn't have.

But with a multi-layered foundation waterproofing system, those homes and buildings could be prepared to handle the worst weather. Of course, if floodwaters are pouring in through the windows even the best foundation waterproofing may not have much of an impact.

Homes in areas that experience rapid rain or snowmelt face some serious challenges. A fast rising level of water from a major storm or snowmelt can deposit a large amount of water into the soil around a foundation. The rise in hydrostatic pressure from the water and wet soil is capable of breaching waterproofing membranes and damaging foundation walls.

Buildings that are best equipped to deal with these issues employ complete waterproofing systems, including a basement waterproofing membrane, a drainage board and drainage tiles. The drainage components of the system keep water flowing away from the foundation to reduce hydrostatic pressure and prevent debris from reaching the waterproofing membrane. The membrane prevents water from seeping through the foundation wall.

So if you want to build a foundation that lasts, take the multilayered foundation waterproofing approach. Your building will stand a better chance of standing up to Mother Nature.

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